Shades of Green Forum - Call for Proposals

Shades of Green Forum 2019 brings a unique poverty simulation to Philadelphia!

The Shades of Green Forum 2019 presents an opening plenary outside the norm. Forum attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a unique poverty simulation and experience some of the challenges facing low income consumers and other vulnerable populations. Participants will be assigned the role of a “family member” and encounter obstacles as they go about their day trying to pay bills and deal with routine responsibilities. Facilitated by¬†Charlene Ketchum, Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel to Commissioner Maida Coleman, Missouri Public Service Commission, the simulation promises to leave participants with a renewed understanding of the difficult choices and challenges that people in poverty face. Participants must participate in the full two-hour simulation for results to be accurate.¬†

The objectives of the poverty simulation include:

  • Explore factors impacting consumer decisions related to utility payments
  • Increase understanding about the numerous challenges and dueling priorities facing low-income consumers and vulnerable populations
  • Identify specific ways Commissioners, utilities, consumer advocates and other industry stakeholders can collaborate to address these challenges as they relate to the affordability of utilities.

Participants must be registered for the Shades of Green Forum 2019 and must commit to the full 2-hour session. Use the form on the right to register for the forum and this thought-provoking experience.

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